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How to Help the Environment with your Plumbing

By going green with your plumbing you can save money on your electric, heat, and water bills. Not only will you save money, but you will also be helping the earth and the health of people who come into your home. There are many different ways to go green, and below we will be talking about some of the changes you could potentially make. The more you can do, the greener your bathroom/plumbing will be.  Not everything on the list has to be done, and there is no real order in which to take care of these renovations (not in all instances).

Sometimes, the length hot water has to travel can be relatively far. The trip from the boiler/hot water heater to your faucet could potentially cool the hot water. Depending on the type of pipes, there could even be significant amounts of heat loss. This means a heater must work harder, using more energy, to produce the hot water that is desired. By insulating your pipes, you can lower the amount of energy needed to heat your water.

You can add an On-demand hot water circulation pump to your home, and this will help you manage water and energy usage. This devices allows you to get rid of stagnate hot water cooling in pipes. The fixture sends hot water to whatever faucet is needed, and it can do it very quickly (in a matter of seconds in most cases). Use hot water when you need it. Don't waste water and energy if you can avoid it.

Adding a low flow toilet is also a great option for watching energy and water consumption. Traditional toilets use a large amount of water. Technology now allows for toilets that do more and waste less. Low flow toilets do not cost much more than a traditional toilet. It is important to note that money spent upfront on this toilet will be made back with lower water/energy bills.

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One of the simplest things you can do is to add flow reducers to all your faucets. A flow reducer does exactly what its name suggests. It reduces the flow of water, and sometimes it can reduce up to 40%. You can save money with these simple, small, and easy to install devices.

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The list above gives only a few options for green plumbing. Call a Manhattan plumber, New York, to talk about all your options.

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