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Lookout for Leaking Toilets

A running toilet is a minor problem, but that is only the case until the monthly water bill comes. Running water in a toilet might sound faint, and after a few days, it becomes easy to block the noise out. Regardless of whether it bothers you or not, you are wasting money. Each moment that you allow a toilet to run increases your water bill by that much more.

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If you want to be safe, there are ways to test if you have a running toilet. For any serious problem, it is best to call a Manhattan plumber.

First, you should try the sound and sight test. Look at the water in your bowl to see if there is any movement (specifically ripples around the edge of the bowl). With all other sounds dimmed or turned off, listen to the noises your toilet makes. If you notice a faint sound of flowing water, your toilet is running and needs to be fixed before the next water bill.

The most definitive test is the color test. This test requires food coloring and patience. First, take off the lid of the toilet. Add a few droplets of coloring to the tank and then do not flush. Instead, let the water sit for several hours. Water that turns transparent it is an indicator that your toilet is leaking.

Manhattan Plumbers

A plumber NYC can quickly fix any toilet leaks. Take care of the problem sooner than later. The longer you wait, the higher your monthly water bill will go. Call a plumber Manhattan today.

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