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Toilet Water Levels

Every apartment, home, and business in NYC have toilets. Toilet bowls can be tricky appliances. One of the more common problems with toilets is not having enough toilet water in the bowl. When the water is too low, it could be the result of four different problems:

One way to solve a low water issue is to turn the water off to the toilet and hold down the flush arm until the tank is empty.  Then, with the assistance of a rubber glove, remove any debris that you might find blocking the toilet.  Toilet paper, tampons, and hair are often the culprits behind toilet clogs.

Plumber Manhattan

You can also adjust the fill level of the toilet by resetting the float.

Plumber Manhattan

The most efficient method of fixing a toilet with low water pressure is to contact a Manhattan plumber for assistance. Professional Manhattan plumbers can effectively troubleshoot and solve an issue with little water. “Do it yourself” plumbing solutions are never recommended and can result in greater damage.

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