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Main Signs that Indicate Toilets need to be Replaced

A broken toilet can make a living in a home difficult or annoying. Unfortunately, bathrooms do not usually provide warning signs to owners about when they are going to break. For most, when toilets stop flushing, leak, or get clogged, it happens out of nowhere. The sudden emergency can have people panicking, which make total sense.

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In many cases, toilets can be repaired and restored to optimal performance. In some instances, toilets can be too old or too broken for adequate repair. How do you know if you need to replace your home's current system?

We have noticed several key indicators, which suggest that a toilet may be at the end of its life cycle. These signs include:

If you are always grabbing a plunger or drain cleaner, it may be time for you to go shopping. One or two clogs are not out of the ordinary, and so that should not be alarming. The problem is with consistent clogging. Older toilets have low-flush power, which leads to frequent stoppages.

A toilet will wobble on its base for two reasons: the screws have come loose, or there is water damage under the toilet. Water at the bottom of a unit usually comes from a broken fill valve. In some cases, this problem can be repaired, but that is not very frequent.

Toilets that continually run are annoying to listen to and will cause monthly water bills to go up. Several reasons can cause this problem (big and small). One cause if a cracked or broken tank. If this is the case, toilets must be replaced.

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Plumbers in Manhattan can help you determine if buying a new toilet is the best call for you and your home. If you notice the above indicators, reach out for help sooner than later. A Manhattan plumber can help you avoid emergency toilet problems.

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