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Are Garbage Disposals good for the Environment?

Adding a garbage disposal to a home kitchen is a great way for the inhabitants to be eco-friendly.

Food that is thrown into the trash ends up in a landfill, where it decomposes. During the decomposition process, methane gases are released into the atmosphere. Methane is a known greenhouse gas, which is responsible for eroding our planet's Ozone layer. Food that enters a disposal unit will end up in the sewer system, where it will eventually end up at a wastewater treatment plant. These treatment facilities are much better equipped to handle the carbon dioxide and methane produced by decomposing food. Plumbers in Manhattan can help homeowners install new garbage disposal systems.plumber in Manhattan

Besides reducing the total amount of waste that ends up in landfills, other ecological benefits can be found when using a food disposal system in a kitchen. New technology allows for cities to convert the gases from decomposing food into biogas. Many cities are trying to implement biogas electricity grids. Food disposals can help to provide a safer source of energy than fossil fuels. Our team of Manhattan plumbers can install garbage disposals into preexisting sinks. We service all neighborhoods throughout NYC, including:

Once you install a disposal, there are a few rules to learn before running the system. Although the system is designed to help dispose of food, some ingredients should not enter your garbage disposal. These include:

  1. Bones
  2. Pasta/Rice
  3. Nuts
  4. Fruit pits
  5. Eggshells
  6. Coffee grind

These foods can cause harm to your system and can also cause clogs. Bones and pits will dull and damage blades, whereas as pasta will get stuck in blades causing them to stick.

If you are considering adding a new garbage disposal to your home, contact the best plumber Manhattan has. We do installations, maintenance, and repairs. Give us a call today.

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