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Why does my Shower Water not get Hot?

After a long day in Manhattan, there is nothing more relaxing than a soothing, hot shower. If you attempt to turn your faucet on, and find that the water fails to run hot, it is a clear indication that there is a problem with the plumbing system. There are many different reasons why a shower runs cold, but it is always a wise choice to contact a Manhattan plumber for assistance.

Plumbers ManhattanHot water comes from the hot water heater, and if you are experiencing a lack of heated water, it is wise to check the heater for signs of malady. The problem may be as simple as the temperature control on the water heater, and that can be easily adjusted with the turn of a dial. A Manhattan plumber will be able to accurately diagnosis the malfunction and fix it accordingly.

Another common problem is the shower valve. The shower valve mixes cold and hot water to create the ideal temperature in the shower. If this piece is malfunctioning, the O-rings in the valve may have deteriorated. If this is the case, a Manhattan plumber is able to easily remedy this problem.

Plumbers Manhattan

If you have more questions about hot water, or need assistance, contact a Manhattan plumber for more information and help.

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