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Keeping Bath and/or Shower Time Peaceful

Sometimes, taking a bath or a shower can be the best things to relax a person. This is especially the case after a cold and long day at work. There are several factors that can shut down or ruin your bathing experience. There are several things you can do to keep shower and/or bath time enjoyable and peaceful.

The biggest problem people face is clogged drain. This happens when debris goes down your drain and prevents the proper drainage of water. This can lead to short showers because the water begins to overflow, or it can lead to bathtubs that take hours to completely drain. Making sure you have a drain cover is your first line of defense again things going down the drain. Do not underestimate what can fall down the drain because sometimes only a plumber can get things out. If you are diligent with the drain and things still back up, your best bets are drain cleaning solutions or a plumber. If the problem has occurred more than twice you will want to go with a plumber. Prolonged use of chemicals on your pipes is bad for them.

Besides slowly draining tubs, the next biggest issue is water pressure. Unlike drains, there are certain problems that are unavoidable in the long run. There are some things that individuals can try, but there are times where professional plumbers are needed.

There is a possibility that your pipes could be corroded. This is usually the case in older homes. There is buildup of minerals within these corroded pipes, and so there is the potential that the hole your water is passing through is only slightly bigger than a penny. If this is the case, you'll never have good water pressure. Sometimes pipes can be cleaned but usually replacing them is better.

Another issue you can face is a broken or weakening pressure regulator. These regulators make sure that water comes into the home at a proper rate of pressure. If you inspect your regulator and find it looks functional then you can simply raise the water pressure on it. If this doesn’t work then the device might be broken, and so replacing it will be necessary.

It might be hard to identify why your pressure is low, but professional plumbers have experience in finding and fixing problems in plumbing systems. You don't have live with a malfunctioning shower or bath.

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