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Do I Need New Pipes?

It is easy to neglect the health of systems and tools that help us everyday when we do not see them. A home's boiler, plumbing pipes, and electrical wirings are not seen, but they are used almost every single day. If it is functioning and out of sight, why would it need repair or maintenance? Maintenance and early repairs save homeowners time and money. Even if nothing is wrong with your plumbing pipes, there could potentially be a problem growing. Rather than just waiting, homeowners can be proactive. They should hire plumbers Manhattan, and they should also be vigilant for three important signs.

plumbers manhattan

Keep an eye open for wet spots or mold in your home. Spots can be anywhere plumbing pipes runs, so make sure to look at walls and ceilings. The water is coming from broken pipes, and it is doing structural damage to homes. Mold is not healthy to be around, especially for old people and those with respiratory issues. If left unfixed spots will grow.

Other signs to lookout for are:

  1. Foul smelling water- Water should not have a pungent smell to it, and when it does it can be a result of bacteria buildup in pipes.
  2. Water is dark brown- We all know that water should be clear. Sometimes water can come out as different colors and not be dangerous, but when water is brown or dark brown it means that your pipes are corroded.

Emergency Plumber Manhattan

If you notice any of the above three problems, reach out for professional help. Turn to us when looking for a plumber in Manhattan.

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