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Why is the Water Coming from My Sink Brown?

A sudden occurrence of brown water coming from faucets can be troubling for most owners. At first, brown water can appear alarming. Many who only experience this problem sporadically sometimes have the opinion that this water is poison if consumed. Brown water is not unhealthy.

You may be asking, where does this water come from? Over time, sediment, minerals, and rust accumulate in water mains, which is the primary cause of brown or discolored water. The most common occurrence for residential browning of water happens when pipes are recently damaged or replaced. Rust can become dislodged at this time.

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If water is distributed in the main, the above deposits get stirred up into the water supply. Construction in the surrounding area can cause sediments to mix with water, turning water brown. Once water is left to sit, water will clear up (usually within a few hours).

If water does not clear up on its own, you must give us a call. Sometimes, a Manhattan plumber is the only person to turn water clear. Running water for 20 minutes can sometimes be enough to clear the rust and sediment from your system. If this does not work, our team can evaluate your system to see what is causing water to be discolored.

Sometimes, water can become brown cause of water heaters that need flushing. Scale builds up on the inside of heaters, which can become dislodged and discolor water. We can help you flush out the system. There is also a chance that a water heater might be at the end of its life cycle, which means it might be best to replace the whole system. Our team of plumbers in Manhattan can help clear up your water.

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