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What to Do About Dirty Toilet Tank Water

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When was the last time you took off the top of a toilet tank to look inside? Most people tend to only do this when a problem occurs, and even then most people call for a Manthan plumber instead. It is possible for the water in a tank to get dirty. In fact, there are several reasons why water becomes discolored. It is essential to recognize that tank water can dirty without showing symptoms in the bowl.

The most common source of dirt in a toilet tank is minerals that get deposited in the tank from the water supply. Other dirt that can live in a tank includes mold, algae, and mold.

Why is it important to care about dirty tank water?

You may be thinking that toilet water is wastewater, and it can be dirty without causing harm to the humans using it. There are real problems associated with dirty tank water, and that is why individuals should care about fixing the problem.

Problems include:

  • Corroded plumbing pipes
  • Rusted metal parts
  • Contaminated water

If you notice brown water in your tank, it means there is a high amount of iron in the water. It is a reliable indicator that old, galvanized pipes are rusting. Iron in water is known to stain tanks and to discolor water. If this is the case, a plumber in Manhattan can help fix and replace old pipes.

Keep the water in your toilet clean and clear!


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