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Why You Should Avoid Drain Cleaners

It is easy to panic when a toilet, sink, or shower drain does not properly drain or backs up. In moments like this, you may not want to rush to use chemical drain cleaners to fix your problem. When it comes down to it, chemical cleaners can do more harm than good. Below, we want to go over the top reasons why individuals should avoid these types of chemical cleaners. When you have clogged drains, you need to reach out for a Manhattan plumber

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Avoid chemical cleaners because:

They can do damage to plumbing pipes. Chemical cleaners create heat to help break down debris and remove clogs. Chemical cleaners are used as a cheap alternative to hiring the best plumber Manhattan has, but in the long run, it can cost more money when homeowners have to replace pipes.

They do not fix all clogs. For small clogs, chemical cleaners can work. If you are dealing with a serious clog, then the chemicals might not be enough to remove the blockage. If chemicals get caught behind a clog and sit stationary, it increases the chance of damage to pipes.

They can destroy clothing and fabrics they come in contact with. The cleaners are designed to eat through organic matter, and so if it gets on clothing, rugs, or other organic materials it can destroy them.

Plumbers Manhattan

They can damage skin and hair. Drain cleaners are toxic to skin, and so individuals should always handle them with care. If you must use these harsh chemicals, uses gloves and be very careful to avoid any contact with the chemicals on bare skin.


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