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Tips for Avoiding Frozen Pipes in NYC

There are few worse home plumbing problems than frozen pipes. If you live in New York City, your home is subject to having pipes freeze, and so you must be proactive when temperatures drop. Frozen pipes are expensive to fix, and they can also create a wet, messy situation. It can prevent hot water from flowing to faucets as well, which means a hot shower in the cold of winter may not be possible.

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There are several things homeowners can do to ensure that pipes do not freeze during the winter.

Turning up the thermostat in a house will ensure that attics and basements stay warmer, which will keep pipes safe. Crawl spaces do not heat as well as main rooms, so you need to consider heating hard to reach places. This may include adding a space heater to your home.

Let your water run throughout the day. Periodically throughout the day, you should let faucets run. If you leave your house for prolonged periods, keep one faucet on with a slight flow. Running water does not freeze as quickly or easily. The other option would be to turn water entirely off in your home.

Consider insulating your pipes with foam boards or heating cables. Plumbers in Manhattan can help you to protect the most vulnerable pipes in your home.

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Learning about why and how pipes freeze allows homeowners to be more proactive with protecting their home plumbing. We work to keep water running smoothly all winter long. For the best Manhattan plumber you can get, please give us a call.

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