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Why is My Toilet Hissing?

All homes, whether a house or apartment, are supposed to make noises. Some of the noises people hear daily indicate that things are working properly. The hum of heating/cooling systems, the filling of water in a toilet tank, and a settling structure all indicate that things are running smoothly. However, there are strange noises that indicate problems.

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For instance, a toilet will make a good amount of noise because of moving water and air within the plumbing system. A hissing noise indicates that air and/or water is leaking out from the fill valve. When the valve does not close properly, the toilet will hiss and it can also begin to leak. Normally, a toilet will make noises prior beginning to leak, so it is vital to fix the problem as soon as it comes up. Avoid having to call for an emergency plumber Manhattan.

Plumbers Manhattan

Depending on if the tank is leaking water or air will directly affect the way in which the toilet gets fixed. Water leaks are a bit easier than air leaks. If you are unfamiliar with making these fixes, reach out for a plumber Manhattan. Our talented team can fix both water and air leaks. We can help you make sure your bathroom is running optimally. Call for a plumber Manhattan today.


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