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Common Causes of Toilet Smells

No how much air fresheners a person sprays or how many candles they light, they are not strong enough to overcome the smells of sewer gas escaping from a toilet. There are many different causes for the problem and people experience them in different ways. Some people smell odors when flushing the toilet, and others smell it all the time. Regardless of when it smells, it still means the same thing: there is a problem with your toilet that needs to be fixed.

Our team of plumbers in Manhattan has the tools and skills necessary to identify why your toilet is smelling and how to fix it. If you smell any irregularities or foul odors coming from your bathroom, do not hesitate to give our talented team a call.

The three most common causes of odors are:

Blockages: a blockage in toilet pipes can cause small problems. When a person flushes, water rushes from the toilet and down the drain. At that moment, all the smells accumulating from the blockage escape into the bathroom and surrounding rooms. The longer the blockage remains, the worse the smell will get. Our team of plumbers in Manhattan can completely eradicate anything that is stuck in your drains.

Broken wax seals: a wax seal is an integral part of the flushing process, but as the seals begin to wear and tear, they allow sewer gases to escape. Replacing wax seals is relatively quick and inexpensive.

Infrequently used toilets: water in a toilet bowl evaporates when it is left standing for prolonged periods (a few weeks at least). With no water in the bowl, sewer gases are easily able to escape. Go around your home and flush toilets every so often; even ones in basements.

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