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Is it Unhealthy to Drink Hard Water?

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There are a good deal of differences between hard and soft water, and for your plumbing and health it is important to identify what type of water is flowing through your pipes and out faucets.

At the current moment, there are some conflicting arguments about the health benefits and risks of ingesting hard water. Longitudinal studies are still being conducted to try and get more information about hard water and health risks. According the NAS (National Academy of Sciences), by drinking hard water you are getting healthy dosages of magnesium and calcium. Of course, in cases where water is extremely hard you may be ingesting more than a person should be. Those who argue for its benefits of adding calcium and magnesium, say that there is a correlation between the type of water and a lowering of cardiovascular disease. This is the case, although there is no conclusive evidence suggesting one way over the other.

On the other side of the coin, some say you need to avoid hard water. These critics claim it raises cardiovascular mortality and disease. The same people also claim it can be responsible for growth retardation and reproductive failure. There is a slightly higher acid content then soft water, which is apparently responsible for reabsorption of magnesium and calcium.
The verdict is still out on the health benefits or risks of this type of water, but it is important to continue to read up on the issue as well as determining the type of water you have in your home.

You can call a Manhattan plumber who can do official tests (meaning that you get an exact level of hardness). The hardness or softness of water is measures in GPG (grains of mineral per gallon). If your water registers higher than 3.5 then you have hard water. You can do a quick home test to determine if you have hard water, although you won't be able to tell how hard the water exactly is. Take a bar of soap and wash your hands. The amount of lather that is left over after washing let’s you know the hardness. Hard water leaves less lather than soft water. You can also tell if you have hard water if you find scaling left behind after using water and washing

Plumbers Manhattan

It is easy for a Manhattan plumber to soften hard water, so don't hesitate to find out about the water you are ingesting.

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