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How to Fully Clear Clogged Kitchen Sink Drains

Of all the plumbing problems people face living in NYC, a sink that does not drain ranks amongst the highest. It is difficult to live with a sink that has water that backs up every time you use it. It becomes hard to cook and clean as a result of a sink full of water. As a means to save money, people tend to try at-home remedies to clear the clog. In some cases, clogs are removed, but in most other cases clogs will soon come back. A Manhattan plumber can help you clear clogged kitchen sink drains.

The most common at-home method of clearing drains is to use a mixture of vinegar, boiling water, and baking soda. This is an excellent method to help alleviate problems while you are waiting for professional help. You don’t want to have a weekly routine of cleaning drains, do you?

Other people will opt for chemical drain cleaners that are widely sold. Like the vinegar and baking soda trick, chemical drain cleaners only help in the short term. The problem with these drain cleaners is that the chemicals are toxic for water supplies and they are acidic enough to damage toilets and pipes.

If you are serious about clearing clogged drains, you need to hire a plumber in Manhattan. Not only do we have the skills, but we also have specialized tools that were explicitly designed to obliterate anything blocking drains and pipes.

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