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Black Sludge in Drains: Preventing Clogs

plumbers manhattanIf you have ever lived in an apartment in NYC, you have most likely experienced a bathroom with a clogged drain.  One of the most common variations of drain clogs is a black sludge that grows in a bathroom sink.  This odorous, black slime is an alarming sight that is created by an excessive amount of bacterial growth. This growth often has a foul odor and grows from a build up of skin cells, lotions, and saliva. The solution to this problem is easy: hire a Manhattan plumber to professionally clean your bathroom sink and drain.

Plumbers Manhattan

As a result of the nature of the bacteria, it is common for plumbers to wear gloves and breathing masks to protect themselves from any harm.  If the sludge is visible in the sink, it is a clear indication that there is a larger buildup that is clogging your pipes. To fix this, a plumber will use a drain snake to remove the unsightly clog from deep within a pipe. A Manhattan plumber should be the only person who uses a professional grade snake. These tools, although helpful, have the ability to cause significant damage to plumbing systems if improperly used.


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