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Routine Washer Maintenance

A washing machine is one of the most expensive appliances to replace in a home, so it is best to prolong the life of the one your currently own. Two things can help to keep your machine running properly: routine maintenance and proper usage. If you ever have a problem with your machine, you should reach out to a Manhattan plumber.

Routine maintenance can be done DIY, but if there are fixes needed it is best to call a plumber NYC. On several occasions throughout the year, it is important to do spot checks on important parts of your machine. This checklist should include:

Plumbers ManhattanNot only should you check for breaks, but you should also look for excess water. If you notice water leftover after a wash, this will eventually lead to mold, mildew, and bad smells. Check for water in cracks or hard to reach spots. To also avoid moister issues, you should try and not let wet clothing sit for prolonged periods of time.

Plumbers Manhattan

If you are using a newer, energy efficient machine, please make sure to use the correct detergents and softeners. Using cleaning products that are toxic for your machine is a great way to ensure your machine breaks. Avoid breaking your machine! Call a plumber NYC if you need your machine fixed or inspected.


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