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Stop Wasting Water and Fix your Running Toilet

It is normal for your toilet to make noises after you flush it. Water is being removed from the bowl and water is then being replaced in both the bowl and back tank. These processes create a sound that can be heard for several seconds. Do you sometimes hear your toilet run minutes and hours after you have left the bathroom? These noises are not usual, and so you should call a plumber Manhattan to fix the problem. Besides being incredibly annoying, the sound of running water is an indicator of higher water bills. Slow and consistent leaks can add up to 100 gallons of water a year annually.

Plumbers Manhattan

Rather than wasting all that water and money, you should call for a Manhattan plumber that can fix leaking toilets. Our team can replace broken and brittle flaps so that water no longer leaks. We have the gears and knowledge to get the job done while being quick and clean.

Plumbers Manhattan

Before replacing a flapper, we will inspect it to see if it is the culprit. Less common reasons for running toilets include:


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