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What Harm Can Leaky Plumbing Systems Cause

Plumbing systems should not leak. A leak, somewhere in the system, is an indicator that other problems could potentially get worse. Leaks are not to be brushed off or disregarded. Instead, individuals should do what they can to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

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Leaks cause monthly water bills to go up. What might seem like small amounts of wasted water is actually a significant amount. The EPA estimates that faucets that drip once per second waste more than 3,000 gallons of water annually. How much money are you wasting?

Water that is left to sit usually does not go away one its own. Eventually, that water can cause an odor. Mold and bacteria will grow near the water as well. Did you know that pests love cool, damp, and dark places? Get your leak fixed today by calling a Manhattan plumber.

What causes leaks?

The most common cause of a leak is a busted or broken pipe. As a result of age and use, plumbing pipes deteriorate, causing cracks, holes, and breaks. In NYC, winter can get rather cold. These cold temperatures are known to freeze water in pipes, which causes the pipes to expand and break. Older pipes might have loose or weak seals. The best plumbers Manhattan has will identify and fix all leaks.

Faucets in the house are known to leak as well. Faucets leak for many different reasons, including:


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