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Be Careful with Your Bathroom Drains

Be careful the next time you go to drop a bath bomb into a bath. The ball contains ingredients that are designed to help people relax and feel calm, but they can also do damage to a plumbing system. Before going into the problems associated with using bath bombs, it is essential to know that they can be used without harming a bath drain. Placing bath bombs inside a protective nylon cover (like pantyhose) will help to protect your drain by capturing debris. It is also vital to keep pipes clean if you intend to use bath bombs. Using vinegar and water helps to clean debris and oils left from bath bombs.

Problems with bath bombs include:

When using bath time accessories like bombs, make sure you do so with care. It is never fun to deal with a clogged bath drain. If you do find yourself dealing with slowly draining water, please give us a call. We are a Manhattan plumber you can trust.

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