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Why is my Water Pressure so Weak?

If you notice that water pressure has lowered in your home, it is more than an inconvenience. In fact, it is the precursor to a much larger problem. Addressing the situation as soon as possible will ensure that your plumbing bill doesn't sky rocket. The issue could be simple: a problem with the shutoff valve (opening a closed valve) It can be a result of something more serious. This includes plumbing blockages and leaking pipes.

If you notice low water pressure in your bathroom sink, it is important to then go and check all other faucets (this includes all rooms). Make sure that you try both the hot and cold knob separately. It is possible that water pressure could be weak for hot and not cold water.

If water pressure is weak in one or two spots, the problem can be fixed by cleaning out a clogged faucet or aerator. Once the part is cleaning, it can be reattached, and ideally it should work like new. If the problem is throughout the house, it is best to employ the services of a Manhattan Plumber, New York. You don't have to live with low water pressure, nor should you.

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