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How does a Hot Water Heater Work?

People in Manhattan often take for granted the things in life that provide them comfort and security, and in the case of indoor plumbing and heating, it is only appreciated once it stops. Hot water heater systems are often reliable, but sometimes have the capacity to malfunction. It is important to learn how a hot water heaters works, so that you can call a Manhattan plumber, when you notice that something isn’t quite right.

Most homes in America heat their water with a large, cylindrical tank that is situated in the basement or boiler room. The standard water heater is either electric or fuel-fired.  Fuel powered appliances commonly run on natural gas or propane and contain a vent pipe to carry away excess exhaust and hazardous gases. Electric models simply plug into a grid of a home with a power cable.

On every tank, no matter if it is powered by gas or electricity, there are water supply pipes and delivery pipes. The supply pipe transports cold water to the bottom of the tank, where it is heated and brought to the top of the tank. At the top, the delivery pipes take the newly heated water and transport it to pipes throughout the house.

Plumber in Manhattan

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Hot Water heaters are simple machines that provide an essential service. Without them, most New Yorkers would freeze during the winter months. If you are interested in learning more about hot water heaters, or need a repair, contact a Manhattan plumber!

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