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Plumbing repair is rather common in New York City, so how do you find a Manhattan plumber who stands above the rest? We'd like you to consider us as the answer to that question. Our services are extensive, and we do work in the commercial and residential industries. Our experience, staff, and tools allow us to take on any and all jobs when it comes to plumbing in New York City. We operate out of and service Manhattan, and so we understand the special needs of the buildings and the people who live here.

One of our specialties, which is rather important for private home and building owners, is our work with sewers and water mains. We are more than equipped to clean out clogged drains or to change pipes under your sink, but we are also ready to handle the more difficult jobs. Think about your basement backing up with sewage. Of course, this would be a rather unpleasant situation to have to deal with, but there are solutions for you. In New York City it is required that all buildings have two different lines for storm water and sewage. These two pipes lead out of the house and into the cities water main. These pipes are usually made of cast iron, concrete, and even clay.

The pipes are quiet large and they are buried underground. Thing can happen to the earth surrounding the pipes, such as tree roots moving dirt and pressing on the pipe. Sewer lines can break or get damaged, and this could potentially lead to problems for your house or building. We have found that the most effective way to check these pipes is with a video probe. This is a valuable first step to take, and the reasons are that it saves money and your pipe might not be broken. From a video inspection we could very well find that there is simply a clog that needs unclogging. If it is more serious we can repair or replace.

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By not taking care of your sewers and water mains you could be potentially doing great risk to your property. Symptoms can be as mild as slowly draining bathtubs, or you can suffer a worse fate like a flood in your home. By hiring a great Manhattan plumber, you will be working with a company who knows New York and New Yorkers.

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