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Do Bath Bombs Hurt my Drains?

Taking a bath should be a relaxing experience, but when there are drain and plumbing problems, bathtime is not fun. There are many ways to protect your bath drain from clogs, but sometimes problems can still happen. When you notice problems with your shower or bath drain, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our trained team can entirely clear drains and give individuals their showers/baths back.

We were recently asked if bath bombs are okay for bathroom plumbing systems. A client was afraid that the stuff inside the bomb could potentially harm a plumbing system. A bath bomb can be a problem because:

  1. Salts do not always dissolve. Partially dissolved salt is not suitable for a drain, and in fact, it can clog the drain. Undissolved chunks can get caught in the drain, which will then catch hair and other debris.
  2. Oil is not good for drains. Just as a person should not pour oil into a sink drain, the same goes for a bathroom drain. Oil congeals when cold, which will clog a drain.
  3. A bath bomb can contain more than oils and salts, which can be bad for plumbing.

Although issues exist when using bath bombs, they can still be used safely. Put bombs inside a nylon cover and tie it. The nylon will allow oils and dissolved parts to pass while keeping bad parts inside the nylon. Individuals who use bath bombs should regularly clean drains with vinegar and water. You can also call for drain cleaning New York, which will completely clean out drains. For more info, call a plumber Manhattan.

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