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Timeline of Water Supplies

A Manhattan plumber has a lot to deal with. Modern day plumbing has so many components, and a plumber must be well versed in all of them so that they can do their job. Between different pipes, water mains, regulators, and heating systems, a plumber has their hands full. This wasn't the case 100 years ago, and if you look back even further plumbing gets worse and worse. The technologies and advancements we use today are incredible by any standard, but they are even more incredible when you begin to understand the history of plumbing throughout the centuries.

The first civilizations sprang up around large freshwater supplies. They had no plumbing, and so they got their water from a river and they found places to in the wilderness to relieve themselves.

In 6500 BC, in the Jezreel Valley, water wells and stepwells were built, which allowed people easier access to water. You still had to go and get it and bring it back by hand. During this time, pit toilets, chamber pots, and the wilderness were the places people took care of their business.

You can visit ruins of Mohenjo-Daro in Pakistan, which is part of the Indus Valley Civilization. The Indus Valley Civilization made amazing strides to make plumbing better. It is argued that they had, at the time, the most advanced sewerage systems in the world. This system included drainage channels, street ducts, and even rainwater harvesting. These people were the first to have indoor plumbing, and each house had it's own private toilet. The water was not treated, and was put into water supplies or cesspits.

The Ancient Greeks were the first people to use underground clay pipes, and they also began the process of sanitizing water supplies. The Romans began to copy the ideas of the Ancient Greeks, but the Romans started using lead piping.

During the Middle Ages, there were no substantial changes in plumbing. In fact there was almost a regression in plumbing technology. Outhouses became extremely popular in England, China, and Japan. At this time, human waste was used as fertilizer.

It wasn't until the enlightenment era that progress in plumbing began again. Modern days plumbing can be traced back to this time (17th and 18th centuries). Rapid expansion of systems began, as well as stronger and more efficient systems.

With the modern plumbing systems we see today, plumbers had to become smarter and maintain more tools (this is especially the case in large cities). A Manhattan plumber must be knowledgeable about all the different systems that keep New York City with fresh and clean water. Whenever you have a plumbing problem, trust a professional Manhattan plumber, New York.

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